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Andre Money

Lakeside Life Rules

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Surta Inc Lakeside Life Rules & Guidelines

Breaking any of these rules may result in administrative action.

Not knowing the rules does not make you exempt from them

Keep in mind if another player breaks rules it does NOT give you the right to break a rule yourself.

Remember Role-Play is required in almost all situations unless noted otherwise.

Trying to skirt an obvious rule may still result in a ban.

Play the game as it is meant to, don't attempt to get around things as this will not be excused.

Staff reserve the right to ban players they feel are being toxic, disruptive or not playing by the spirit of the game mode.

Not all rules can be listed so use common sense when playing.

1. General Rules

1.1 - Do not harass server staff or players
1.2 - Do not ask admins for roles or gear
1.3 - Do not DM staff asking for things
1.4 - If you have a problem with another player file a support ticket on our discord or wait for Support in our TS
1.5 - Do not ask management for staff perms
1.6 - No cheating (i.e. cheat engines, hacking, etc.)
1.7 - No Disrespect to players or staff
1.8 - No Racist, derogatory, or sexist names may be used in-game
1.9 - You are required to stay in character at all times.
1.10 - You are not permitted to KOS anyone unless initiated and in an active firefight.
1.11 - During gunfights if no shots have been fired for 5 minutes then the situation and is deemed ended and no one involved has KOS.
1.12 - You must value your life meaning if you are outnumbered and there is no way you can get out of the situation reasonably then you must obey all commands given to you
1.13 - You cannot shoot a player that is obeying all of your commands
1.14 - You may not use your vehicle to run over other players unless it is a life or death situation.
1.15 - You cannot intentionally ram other players with your vehicle. The only exception to this is police pitting vehicles that they are perusing.
1.16 - You may not purposely destroy other players vehicles.
1.17 - You may not log out to avoid an encounter that is occurring.
1.18 - You may not log out while apart of a active situation.
1.19 - If you go into the water while running from cops you are declared code red and can be shot at the officers discretion. 
1.21 - You may not interfere with LSPD training at anytime if they are occurring on the server.
1.22 - You must act like you are actually your character and act like a person would in real life.
1.23 - You cannot drive crazy.
1.24 - If pulled over by the police for a traffic crime and you have no reason to shoot or run then you must follow the roleplay scenario.
1.25 - Cop baiting is strictly prohibited and can result in punishment.
1.26 - ERP is not allowed at anytime and you will be punished.
1.27 - Attempting to get players personal information or attempting to coerce minors will result in a permanent ban and RFC with no appeal.
1.28 - You may not advertise other servers or DM other users to other servers. Doing so can result in a ban.
1.29 - You may not use any kind of third party communication. Doing so can result in punishment.

2. Crimes & Illegal Activity Rules

2.1 - A player may be taken hostage for 15 minutes, after which they may choose to stay up to another 15 minutes or leave.
2.2 - After a hostage situation/robbery the player must be unrestrained and released in a safe manner and also either within 1 kilometer of a garage or 1 kilometer from their point of restraint.
2.3 - If you rob a player you may not hold them for ransom and vice versa.
2.4 - LSPD members outnumbered 3 to 1 with guns clearly pointed at them need to surrender and abide by the hostage rules
     1. Exception: APD members playing the role of hostage negotiator may not be taken hostage before/during hostage negotiations.
2.5 - Members of the LSPD may not be restrained during major situations.
2.6 - You may not rob the same player more than once in an hour unless they start an engagement with you.
2.7 - You may not take the same person hostage in the time span of 2 hours after their release.
2.8 - AR's are not permitted on the server at the moment however if DOJ rules that cops may use automatic weapons then they will be allowed to civilians and placed in shops
2.9 - Only one major crime can occur at one time.
2.10 - You may not take cops hostage if less that 3 cops are online.
2.11 - You are not allowed to harm EMS in anyone which includes but not limited to; Taking EMS hostage, killing EMS, assaulting EMS, etc.
2.12 - In order to perform a jailbreak you must know someone inside the jail who is currently imprisoned.
2.13 - Prisoners may perform jailbreaks if they get an advantage over an officer.

3. NLR Rules

3.1 - If you die for any reason apart from dying by a Arma bug you may not return to that area for 15 minutes. (1 Kilometer from where you died)
3.2 - Cops may return to major crimes 5 minutes after the time for death.

4. Chat & Voice Rules

4.1 - No derogatory terms may be used in voice chat or in game chat. 
4.2 - You may not spam chat in anyway. This applies to voice and in game chat.
4.3 - No NSFW content is allowed in chat
4.4 - Do not start fights in chat or with other players in voice.
4.5 - Keep politics off of the server.

5. Green Zones

5.1 - You may not kill or perform any other illegal action inside of green zones.
     1. Exception: A player you are currently chasing runs into a green zones and you are in an active situation.

6. Cop Rules

6.1 - Cops are not at any moment permitted to use their sidearm or taser to unjustly shoot or taser a player. This will be treated the same as RDM/KOS and can be handled by staff or IA.
6.2 - Cops must act reasonably and professionally at all times. 
6.3 - Cops may not run over civilians unless they're lives are threatened.
6.4 - Cops may not falsely arrest civilians.
6.5 - Cops must use escalation of force techniques and may not go directly to they're firearm for situations that don't require it.
6.6 - Cops must be at DOC in order to send people to jail.
6.7 - Cops may not combat cuff any players
6.8 - Cops may not use items not permitted by their ranks.
6.9 - Nice.
6.10 - Cops must abide by all laws.
6.11 - Cops may not shoot anyone who is restrained.
6.12 - Cops must abide by all department rules and regulations

7. Addendum's

7.1 These rules are subject to change at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to ensure you adhere to them.

(Rules last updated 06/27/2020, 10:38 PM EST)

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