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DayZ Rules

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Surta DayZ Rules


General Rules

It is recommended to be running some type of recording software on standby, in case of an event in which we require video proof which happens to be for most ticket requests.


- Combat Logging -

• There must be a 10-minute gap before logging out after taking player dealt damage or issuing damage to a player unless you die or commit suicide.

• If at any moment you are unable to fulfill the above rule due to a crash or server restart, you must log back in within a reasonable amount of time or it will be considered combat logging.


- Server Crashes -

• Losing gear or vehicles due to a server crash will not be comped unless you have proof.


- Mic Spamming -

• Excessive mic spamming is NOT allowed in the safezone only

- Excessive mic spamming is to be determined by the admin. Please make a ticket if there is an issue.


- Duping-

Any attempts at duping will be met with a permanent ban.


- Stream sniping -

Is not allowed and if we get proof of it you will be permanently banned.


- Bug Abusing with Movement -


-Any movement that is clearly an unintended feature and provides an advantage is against the rules in any situation outside of the safezone


This includes but is not limited to:


• Moonwalking

• Meatballing

• Vortexing

• Headglitching


Trader Rules

-Vehicle Stealing-

No stealing or messing with people's vehicles in the Safezone! Even if you were the previous owner of a vehicle, you may not steal it back while it's in the Safezone.


-SZ Vehicles-

Do not log off or leave your vehicle in the safezone unattended for more than a few hours. If you do, it will be unlocked or deleted.


-Trader Exploits-

Taking advantage of any type of trader exploit that gives you free money is a bannable offense, please report any found and you will be rewarded.


-Player Trading-

Player-to-player trades are done at your own risk, we will not comp you if you get scammed.


-Safezone Stealing-

Items on the ground are free for all, it is your responsibility if lost or taken by other players. You will not be comped.


Base Building

It is your responsibility to read and abide by our base building rules. If you do not follow them your base is subject to deletion.


- Raid Path -

• Door or Gate stacking is allowed, but be careful because C4 can blow up multiple walls at a time.


• All bases must have at least ONE raidable entrance to every area of the base. You cannot close off any area with walls, this includes other buildings near your base. If you have loot in an area that is not reachable our admins can be called to delete walls or doors to let raiders gain access at the admin’s discretion following the most direct path.


- Construction-

• No stacking tents of the same size into each other. You may however place smaller tents in larger tents.


• No skybases. Bases must look somewhat realistic in terms of stability. If the base lacks a supporting structure beneath it and is deemed impossible then it will be classified as a skybase at admin discretion.


• Water Bases are allowed but are required to have airlocks start within 30m of shore, islands, or structures. They must also be attached and supported to the ground or map structure.


- All bases must be raidable as per the below definition-


• Must have at least 1 raidable entrance, meaning there must be a clear "front door".

• At a minimum must be raidable via TRADITIONAL METHODS.

• Traditional methods mean, no "special requirement" i.e. a minimum number of raiders (e.g. a 10 man boost).

• Traditional methods mean your base must be raidable by any group, at any time, as long as they have enough raid tools

• Bases cannot be covered in barbed wire, making it impossible for a raider to plant raid tools

• Even though it is obvious from the last point, you cannot force people to run through a hallway of barbed wire to raid your doors.


FAQ On Legal Bases

Q: Can a base have a "trap room"

A: Yes - absolutely, you can trick and trap raiders so they have to F11


Q: Can a base use "obstacles" to make it harder to raid, for example forcing raiders to prone

A: Yes - as long as a solo player can navigate the obstacles, i.e. they don't NEED to boost on another player


Q: Can we have long vertical hallways (with floor/roof kits)

A: Yes, although C4/breaching charges will destroy the entire kit. So you cannot put locks on these, or you must provide some way for the raiders to climb up the stairs after the floor/roof is gone


Q: Is it legal for my base to be raidable only by a helicopter

A: No - this is a "special requirement", your base needs to be raidable from the ground and by a single player assuming they have enough raid tools


Q: How can I protect my base to make it harder to raid?

A: The most effective way is the quantity and tier of doors you are using, however, you can also use obstacles, trick-doors, trap rooms, or by simply making your base harder to find


Raiding Rules

You are considered raiding if you are inside a base that doesn't belong to you or your allies without permission or have raid tools being used.


-Soft Siding-

• Soft Siding is allowed on all our servers.



Boosting is when a raider uses a player or object to gain an advantage in order to negate an obstacle in a base defense.

- You are allowed to boost using only one object per obstacle and with as many players as you want.

You cannot use a BBP floor or stack objects into walls to climb into bases.


-Base Takeover-

- You are allowed to take over a base. But before you can repair, build, or place any code locks you must remove all of the previous owner’s code locks from everything in the base (Doors, Gates, Safes, etc.)

- If you log into the server and find your base has been taken over, it is up to you to get yourself out of the base, either raid out or F11. At this point, you are considered a raider in an active raid so all raiding rules apply.

Our admin team can not teleport you out of the base.


-Raid Building-

• Base defenders are allowed to build during the raid as long as there is always one raidable entrance.


- Insiding -

• An act of breaking a once trusted alliance; gaining knowledge and using said knowledge to your advantage is allowed and is at the fault of the opposing party.

- That being said please make sure you fully trust any player you allow access to your base as the fault falls on no one but your own if things go wrong.

- This includes leaked base codes or layouts.


-Raid Logging-

• Base attackers or defenders are not allowed to log out inside a base during an active raid; this is considered combat logging.

• If the server restarts, crashes, or client game crashes - you must log back in as soon as possible or face a ban for combat logging.


-Glitch Raiding-

There will be no compensation if a player gains access to your base or items via one of the Allowed glitches mentioned below


• Allowed to vault or jump through any kind of window, even if it doesn't look possible, as long as you legally get up to the said window.

• Allowed to grab items from outside of a locked tent using the inventory radius system

• Allowed to gain access to a base by use of a step ladder

• Allowed to gain access by use of a vanilla ladder. It is a commonly known bug where vanilla ladders ignore bbp collision.


• Not Allowed to use any form of movement or character positioning to allow vision through walls.

• Not Allowed to use the vaulting animation to phase through objects. If this happens accidentally please log out and make a ticket to get teleported out of the base.

• Not Allowed to use any in-game animation to phase through an object unless stated as allowed above.

• Not Allowed to use render errors to see players through walls and use that knowledge to your advantage.


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